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The Trends & the Classics

Selection of bread, sour cream butter, apricot-rosemary cream cheese, hummus
EUR 3,20

Seehaus Winter Leaves
Fresh from our kitchen garden, cherry tomato, cucumber
EUR 15.50

Kuffler Superfood Salad
Packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants!
Handpicked salad leaves from the renowned Munich gardener Böck. Served with avocado, pomegranate, blueberries, walnut crunch
EUR 19.50

Homemade Graved Salmon
Hash browns, keta caviar, cucumber-mustard-relish
EUR 23

Beef Carpaccio "Cipriani"
Rocket, parmesan, lemon
EUR 22

Pumpkin Variation
Muffin & Chiboust cream, black trumpet mushrooms, young lambs lettuce
EUR 19

Caesar's Salad
Anchovies, parmesan, bacon, croutons
EUR 18
with Beef Fillet - EUR 28
with 3 Tempura Prawns - EUR 25

Tegyu Beef Tartare
Pickled beetroots, horseredish cream, wax soft quail egg
EUR 25

Raw Marinated Yellow Fin Tuna
Pomelo, green papaya, wasabi parfait
EUR 29


Liver Dumpling Soup
Chive, parsley

Chestnut Creamsoup
Bresaola ham - vegan also available
EUR 9.50

Lobster Bisque
EUR 9.50

Bouillabaisse à la Seehaus
Rouille sauce, baguette
EUR 23

Pasta & Vegetarian

Grigliata Mista
Grilled mediterranean vegetables, grilled goat cheese, olive oil            
EUR 19

Oven roasted Beetroot
A fresh (vegan) interpretation of the traditional dish. Inspired by Germany’s first plant based Michelin starred chef, Jan Hoffmann. 
Fir salt, Cellery creame, sauted Mushrooms, Lentils
EUR 24

Spaghetti Vongole à la Luna Rossa
Original like in Saint Tropez
EUR 25

Creamed Safron Risotto
Parmesan cheese, beetroot, red chart
EUR 21

Gorgonzola cheese, pear, red chart, pinenut seeds
EUR 21

Fish & Seafood


6 Gillardeau Oysters
Shallot vinaigrette, lemon, Chester bread
EUR 37

Seehaus Seafood Tower for 2
8 piece cooked Argentine prawns, 6 Gillardeau oysters, raw marinated yellow fin tuna,
house pickled graved salmon, accompanying sauces
EUR 95
with 10g Imperial Caviar
EUR 128



Cod Loin
smoked Potatoes, Caviar, Crème Fraiche, Flower Sprouts
EUR 38

Ora King Salmon Steak
served medium rare, grilled vegetables, chimi churi
He counts as the king of King Salmon. The filets are often likened to Wagyu due to the marbling effect.
EUR 42

Pike Pearch                                
Cellery Crème, Beetroot, Lentils
EUR 36

Jumbo Prawns
creamed Safron Risotto
EUR    42

Flavored brown butter, red chart, Grenaille potatoes 
EUR 59

Seehaus Surf & Sail                        
Assorted Seafood plater, prawns and catch of the day, red chart, young potatoes
Please ask your server for today‘s selection
EUR 38

The Klassiker

Johannisberger Schnitzel
Veal paillard, lemon caper sauce, refined with Johannisberger Gelblack, Taglioli
EUR 34
Have a glass
Schloss Johannisberger Gelblack, Riesling from the Rheingau 0,75l
EUR 45

Homemade Veal Meatballs
Potato cucumber salad, shallot sauce 
EUR 18.50

Crisp Roasted Pork

Assorted dumplings, braised red cabbage, horseradish, gravy 
EUR 22

Original Kuffler Wiener Schnitzel
pan-fried potatoes, winter leaves, cranberry
EUR 34

Half a Bavarian Duck
Potato dumpling, braised red cabbage
EUR 35

TEGYU Sauerbraten (Roasted Beef)
A Classic – braised shoulder, dumplings, crème fraiche, braised red cabbage
EUR 30

Young Deer Loin
Cellery cream, flower sprouts, chestnut
EUR  40

Poltinger Venison Ragout
Cranberry, homemade bread dumplings, sauted mushrooms
EUR 29

Breast and Leg of Goose
Glaced chestnut, red cabbage, potatoe dumplings, mugwort Jus
EUR 44

From the Grill

Our Meat

We do what we do out of passion. Only the finest basic products and ingredients provide the base for our dishes. Just like our suppliers, we are passionate about the environment and the animals we use.

Here at the Kuffler Group’s restaurants, we only offer meat from carefully selected farmers who sustain and care for their cattle in an extremely gentle fashion. 

At our restaurants we only serve you the finest product around.

We are extremely proud to be able to showcase the quality of the products.

NY Striploin, USA 300gr
EUR 44

Beef Fillet, Bavaria 200g
EUR 52

Tomahawk for 2 persons, Dry Aged Beef 1000gr
EUR 109

Bavette, USA 250gr
EUR 39

All our Steaks are also available as Surf & Turf
Extra charge  EUR 23

All steaks are served with grilled vegetables and sauce baernaise.

Sauce baernaise
Chimi Churi
Seehaus hearb butter
Shallot sauce  
EUR 2.90

Sauted mushrooms
Dirty French Fries
Grenaille potatoes
Grilled Vegetables
Pan-fried Potato
Cellery cream
EUR 5.70

Small Seehaus Winter Leaves salad

All steaks are usually served medium. If you would like your steak cooked differently then please let us know.

Something Sweet

Bergamot Cream Brulée
Orange infused Zwieback
EUR 11,50

Dates cream, cardamom ganache, mandarin
EUR 13,50

Backed Vanilla Ice Cream
Marinated quince, spiced chocolate almond
EUR 13,50

Warm Apfelstrudel
Vanilla ice cream
EUR 13

Bavarian Crème
Raspberry coulis
EUR 12.50

Cake (until 6 p.m.)
Please ask a member of our team what the cakes of the day are
Price per piece EUR 6.20

French Cheese Selection
5 cheeses – grapes, fig mustard
EUR 19

Ice Cream
Roasted Apple


Price per scoop EUR 3.50

Sehr geehrte Gäste,
sollten Sie Fragen zu Allergenen und Zusatzstoffen in den von uns angebotenen Speisen und Getränken haben, wenden Sie sich bitte an unser Servicepersonal.

Alle Preise verstehen sich in Euro und inkl. gesetzlicher Mehrwertsteuer.

Menu beer garden

The Classics

Half a Rotisserie Chicken EUR 10.50 
½ Pork Knuckle EUR 12.40 
Roast Pork EUR 10.90 
BBQ Spare Ribs EUR 15.10 
Mini Leberkäse (approx. 200g) EUR 6.90 
Chicken Nuggets EUR 7.90  
Mediterranean Chicken Leg EUR 6.90  
Bavarian Mac&Cheese with fried onions EUR 8.50 

The Sausages

Tegyu Beef Sausage Knacker100gr EUR 5.90 
Tegyu Beef Curry Sausage 100gr EUR 6.90 
Bratwurst EUR 5.90 
Currywurst EUR 6.90 
Käsekrainer EUR 5.90 
Nuremberg Grilled Sausages (Howe) EUR 7.90 
Viennese Sausage 1 pair EUR 3.80
Bavarian Veal Sausage EUR 3.50 


French Fries EUR 4.90 
Jacket Potato with Sour Cream & Herb EUR 5.90 
Potato Dumplings with Gravy EUR 4.90 
Sauerkraut EUR 3.90 
Grilled Vegetables EUR 6.90


Potato Salad EUR 3.90 
Sauerkraut with Bacon EUR 3.90 
Deli Salad EUR 5.90 
Leaf Salad EUR 4.90

Bread & Pretzels

Large Pretzel Piece EUR 5.10
Small Pretzel Piece EUR 1.70
Potato Roll Piece EUR 1.70


Sharing Board EUR 10
Mountain cheese 150 g EUR 5.60
Emmental 150g EUR 5.10
Romadur 100g EUR 5.30
Camembert 125 g EUR 5.30
Pepper Bites EUR 2.80
Kaminwurzn EUR 2.80
Jar of Gherkins EUR 2.80
Butter EUR 1.20
Snack Egg Piece EUR 1.20


Obazda EUR 8.90 
Assorted Spreads EUR 8.90
Bavarian Sausage Salad EUR 8.90 
Turkey Sausage Salad EUR 9.50 
Swiss Sausage Salad EUR 9.50 
Tomato Mozzarella, Basil EUR 11.50
Marinated Radish EUR 4.20
Fresh Radish EUR 3.90

From our Patisserie

Cake Piece EUR 4.20
Auszogne Piece EUR 4.80
Fruit pieces Piece EUR 5.90

Drinks Beergarden

Beer / Maß Hell / Maß Radler / Maß Dunkel EUR 9.60
Maß Weißbier/ Maß Russn EUR 9.80
Halbe Helles / Halbe Radler/ Halbe Dunkel EUR 5.30
Halbe Weißbier/ Halbe Russn EUR 5.50
Paulaner Zwickl (Kellerbier) in der Flasche 0.4l - EUR 4.70

Weinschorle 0.25l - EUR 4.90
Weinschorle 0.5l - EUR 8.90
Wein 0.25l - EUR 6.20
Wein 0.5l - EUR 12
Wein (weiß/rot) 0.75l - EUR 18
Spritz 0.25l - EUR 6.90
Sekt Rose Brut, Edition Kuffler 0.2l - EUR 6.90
Prosecco 0.75l - EUR 21

Alkoholfreie Getränke 0.3l - EUR 3.70
Alkoholfreie Getränke 0.5l - EUR 5.10
Maß Spezi EUR 7.20
Tafelwasser / Zitronenlimo 0.3l - EUR 2.90
Tafelwasser / Zitronenlimo 0.5l - EUR 3.70
Bad Brambacher naturell 0.5l - EUR 3.90
Almdudler 0.35l - EUR 3.90
Red Bull 0.25l - EUR 3.90

Kaffee Edition Kuffler Haferl - EUR 3.90
Milchkaffee Haferl - EUR 3.90
Cappuccino Haferl - EUR 3.90
Doppelter Espresso Haferl - EUR 3.90
Schokolade Haferl - EUR 3.90
Tee Haferl - EUR 3.90

Seehaus im Englischen Garten


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