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Winter season


Game essence
Grison meat, baked plum strudel, parsley and sherry
EUR 13

Main courses

Wild boar Cheeks braised in Spätburgunder red wine
Dumpling terrine, cranberry and sautéed autumn mushrooms
EUR 39

Red Deer loin Provencal style
Cooked on a bed of carrot and mushrooms with young potatoes
EUR 46

Whole leg of Rabbit
Creamed savoy cabbage, potato frittes and calvados sauce
EUR 37

Saddle of Venison on the bone for two
carved at the table side
Served with bread dumplings, apple red cabbage and cranberries
p.P. EUR 59

Breast and leg from the oat feeded goose
With red cabbage, potato dumpling and chestnuts
EUR 46

Mixed plater for 2 persons
½ duck and ¼ goose served with red cabbage, potato dumpling and chestnuts
p.P. EUR 39.5

Oysters and caviar to start

Gillardeau Oysters No. 3
Île d'Oléron, Atlantic Ocean, France
Full-fleshed, creamy taste with a slight salty aroma
half a dozen EUR 39
a dozen EUR 76

Oysters Florentine
Gillardeau Oysters No. 3
Young spinach, sauce hollandaise, fontina cheese
half a dozen EUR 43
a dozen EUR 79

Gillardeau Oyster Flight
Fresh and Florentine
half a dozen EUR 41
a dozen EUR 77.5

The oysters are accompanied by lemon, sherry vinaigrette and chester bread.

Seehaus Seafood Tower for 2 persons
Great for the eye, a delight for the palate.
With oyster flight, Canadian lobster, Scallop, crevettes roses, home-pickled salmon and char caviar
per person EUR 59

Osietra Caviar
Intense, slightly nutty
10g - EUR 39
50g - EUR 150

Royal Caviar
Fine nutty, creamy
10g - EUR 45
50g - EUR 205

The caviar is served classically with blinis, crème fraîche and chopped egg.

Ladies' setting
Accompanied by a glass of 0.1, Veuve Clicquot
plus EUR 18

Gentleman's setting
With 4 cl Beluga Vodka    
plus EUR 18


Crusty house bread with Andechser bio butter and two kinds of spreads
EUR 3.2

Seehaus Winter Salad
Young Munich lettuce from the Böck nursery, cherry tomatoes, cucumber
EUR 15.5

Caesar's Salad
A worldwide classic. With anchovy fillets, Parmesan, bacon and croutons.
EUR 18

Top your salad with:
Beef Fillet strips plus EUR 12
3 fried Argentine prawns plus EUR 12
Gratinated Goat cheese plus EUR 11

House graved salmon
Tender to the bite, round in taste. With potato rösti, Keta caviar and cucumber-mustard relish.
EUR 24

Beef Carpaccio "Cipriani"
Cut wafer-thin, with rocket, parmesan and truffle mayonnaise
EUR 22

Tartar of Tegernsee Tegyu Beef
With crusty, dark house bread 
EUR 25

Vitello Storione
Confit tomatos, arugula and capers
EUR 29

Argentine prawns pan fried
Mushrooms, pumpkin, peperoncini, colorful cherry tomatoes
EUR 29

Marinated Hokkaido pumpkin 
With autumn mushrooms, leek and gratinated Goat cheese
EUR 22


Liver Dumpling soup
Topped with fresh chives
EUR 10

Bouillabaisse à la Seehaus with local fish
And with lots of vegetables, with sauce rouille and with baguette
EUR 23

Chestnut cream soup
Served with dried meat and balsamico
EUR 10

Classic vegan and fish main dishes

Grigliata Mista
Grilled mediterranean vegetables and olive oil
EUR 19

Duet from the Hokkaido pumpkin
Grenaille potatoes, autumn mushrooms and vegan jus
EUR 22

Tagiolini Tartufi 
Refined with fontina cheese, autumn truffle and young spinach leaves
EUR 29

Spaghetti Vongole à la Luna Rossa
You may feel like in Saint-Tropez
EUR 25

Trout “Müllerin”
Freshly caught from the Munich area. Finished with white wine, accompanied by browned butter and parsley potatoes
EUR 29.5

Atlantic sole whole fried
Flavoured butter and glazed grenaille potatoes
EUR 49

Label Rouge Salmon Steak 200g
Scottish salmon, aworded with the high quality label rouge seal:
Excellent farming, excellent quality.
Green asparagus, potato gratin and sauce Béarnaise
EUR 32

Grilled Canadian Lobster
Green asparagus, potato gratin and sauce Béarnaise
half lobster EUR 39
whole lobster EUR 69

Classic meat main dishes

Johannisberger Schnitzel
Grilled veal paillard in lemon-caper sauce, refined with Johannisberger Gelblack white wine and tagliolini pasta
EUR 34
Homemade Veal meatballs
With potato-cucumber-salad and shallot sauce  
EUR 20

Whole roasted Pork neck
Munich style with a potato and bread dumpling, cabbage salad, fresh horseradish and dark beer sauce
EUR 22.5

Original Kuffler Wiener Schnitzel
The best. With potato-cucumber salad and cranberries.
Accompanied by small autumn leaves salad
EUR 34
Roasted Bavarian half Duck
With potato dumplings and red cabbage 
EUR 35

Breast and leg from the oat feeded goose
With red cabbage, potato dumpling and chestnuts

Mixed plater for 2 persons
½ duck and ¼ goose served with red cabbage, potato dumpling and chestnuts
p.P. EUR 39.5

Poltinger Venison lasagne
A great dish from Stephan Kuffler's private kitchen.
Ragout of Poltinger venison and creamed savoy cabbage between sheets of lasagne,
topped with three kinds of cheese.
Served with red cabbage salad with raisins and cinnamon
EUR 32.5

Fillet of beef stroganoff 
Red beet, spice cucumber, mushrooms and potato rösti 
EUR 45

Sirloin, Great Omaha, US
Green asparagus, potato gratin and sauce Béarnaise#
EUR 57

Fillet of beef from Bavaria 200g
Green asparagus, potato gratin and sauce Béarnaise
EUR 52

All of our meat main dishes can be great prepared as Chateaubriand, for two people 600g
Green asparagus, potato gratin and sauce Béarnaise
per person EUR 65

We also offer all Steaks as Surf & Turf with half a lobster

plus EUR 35

Desserts and ice creams

Warm Apple Strudel 
Vanilla ice cream
EUR 14

Bavarian Cream served in the glas 
with raspberry cullies – always the right choice!
EUR 13

Gingerbread Crème Brûlée  
EUR 12

Baked Apple panna cotta  
Served with Blood orange sorbet
EUR 14

Cake (until 6 pm)  
Our daily selection will be glad to tell you the service
per piece EUR 6.2

Variation of five exquisite German cheeses, with grapes and fig mustard
EUR 19

Ice Cream  

Blood orange

per scoop EUR 3.6

Coffee cup EUR 3.9
Coffee mug EUR 4.9
Coffee with milk mug EUR 4.9
Espresso simply EUR 2.9
Espresso double EUR 5.8
Cappuccino cup EUR 4.2
Latte Macchiato glass EUR 4.9
Hot chocolate mug EUR 4.4
Irish Coffee EUR 7.2
Mulled wine (white/red) mug EUR 5.8
German Kinderpunsch mug EUR 4.9

All prices are in euros and include VAT at the statutory rate.

Menu beer garden

The Classics

Half a Rotisserie Chicken EUR 10.90
½ Pork Knuckle EUR 13.50
Roast Pork EUR 11.90
BBQ Spare Ribs EUR 16.50 
Mini Leberkäse (approx. 200g) EUR 7.50
Chicken Nuggets EUR 8.50
Mediterran Chicken Leg EUR 7.50
Bavarian Mac&Cheese with fried onions EUR 9.50

The Sausages

Beef Sausage EUR 6.50
Beef Curry Sausage EUR 7.50
Bratwurst EUR 6.50 
Currywurst EUR 7.50 
Käsekrainer EUR 6.50 
Nuremberg Grilled Sausages (Howe) EUR 8.50
Viennese Sausage 1 pair EUR 4.20
Bavarian Veal Sausage EUR 3.50 


French Fries EUR 5.80
Jacket Potato with Sour Cream & Herb EUR 6.20
Potato Dumplings with Gravy EUR 4.90
Potato Salad EUR 4.40
Coleslaw EUR 4.40
Sauerkraut EUR 4.40
Grilled Vegetables EUR 6.90


Deli Salad EUR 5.90 
Leaf Salad EUR 4.90
Fruit pieces EUR 5.90

Bread & Pretzels

Large Pretzel Piece EUR 5.70
Small Pretzel Piece EUR 1.90
Potato Roll Piece EUR 1.90


Sharing Board EUR 13.50
Mountain cheese EUR 6.20
Emmental EUR 5.50
Romadur EUR 5.50
Camembert EUR 5.50
Pepper Bites EUR 3
Kaminwurzn EUR 3
Jar of Gherkins EUR 3
Butter EUR 1.60
Snack Egg Piece EUR 1.50


Obazda EUR 9.50
Assorted Spreads EUR 9.50
Bavarian Sausage Salad EUR 9.50
Swiss Sausage Salad EUR 9.50 
Tomato Mozzarella, Basil EUR 12.50
Marinated Radish EUR 4.90
Fresh Radish EUR 4.20

From our Patisserie

Cake Piece EUR 4.90
Auszogne Piece EUR 5.20

Drinks Beergarden

Paulaner beer
Maß Hell / Maß Radler / Maß Dunkel
EUR 10.40
Maß Weißbier/ Maß Russn EUR 10.80 
Halbe Helles / Halbe Radler/ Halbe Dunkel EUR 5.70 
Halbe Weißbier/ Halbe Russn EUR 5.90
Paulaner Zwickl (Kellerbier) bottle 0.4l EUR 4.90 

Soft Drinks 0.3l EUR 3.90
Soft Drinks 0.5l EUR 5.30 
Maß Spezi EUR 7.60 
Water / Limonade 0.3l EUR 3.10 
Water / Limonade 0.5l EUR 3.90 
Bad Brambacher water natural 0.5l EUR 3.9 
Almdudler 0.35l EUR 4.20
Red Bull 0.25l EUR 4.20

Wine spritzer 0.25l EUR 5.10 
Wine spritzer 0.5l EUR 9.20 
Wine 0.25l EUR 6.40 
Wine 0.5l EUR 12.40 
Wine (weiß/rot) 0.75l EUR 18.50
Spritz 0.2l EUR 7.20
Sekt Rose Brut, Edition Kuffler 0.2l EUR 7.20
Prosecco 0.75l EUR 22 
Coffee Edition Kuffler mug EUR 3.90
Coffee with milk mug EUR 3.90
Cappuccino mug EUR 3.90
Espresso Double mug EUR 3.90
Hot Chocolate mug EUR 3.90
Tea mug EUR 3.90

Seehaus im Englischen Garten


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