With Kuffler Catering, we have established a premium catering service based in Munich and Frankfurt. This means we can work for you throughout Germany, and you benefit from the resources from both locations.


Our portfolio includes
· Full service catering
· Corporate Events
· Produkt Premieres
· Roadshows
· Private Client events
· Trade Fairs and Congress Catering

We are the official service partner of Messe München and of attractive event locations throughout Germany.


We place a huge amount of emphasis on origin, quality, taste and the perfect presentation of the food we serve. Regional suppliers and long-standing reliable partners at all locations guarantee our appearance. In doing so, we keep people and nature in mind while always keeping sustainability at the front of our minds.


We stage modern or traditional, creative and with an attentive hand. Of course, we follow current catering and food trends and select the best for you - according to your specifications, your wishes and your budget.

Service Pledge

The right partners are essential for the success of your event. Our service providers are market leaders in their respective fields - whether equipment, technology, artists or decoration.
Together with our professionals in service and cuisine, we guarantee professionalism all round. Competent in the matter at hand, charming in appearance as well as being confident and able when things could get stressful.

Kuffler Catering München

With the headquarters of Kuffler Catering not far from the Munich Trade Fair Centre, we have created a creative centre on over 2,500 sqm that is entirely dedicated to fine event catering.

From here, Kuffler Catering supplies you throughout Germany. Whether private customer events, corporate events, road shows, product premieres, trade fairs and congress catering - we have an tailored solution for every event format.
We are also the right choice for you as an official service partner at Messe München.

Kuffler Catering München
Kuffler Catering Service GmbH & Co. KG
Otto-Perutz-Straße 16+18 • 81829 München
Fon +49.89. 360 392 819
catering-muenchen (at) kuffler [punkt] de


Kuffler Catering Frankfurt

In Frankfurt, we take care of your culinary needs in all rooms of the Alte Oper. From champagne receptions to coffee mornings, from light lunches to large banquets - we deliver culinary class with a modern interpretation.
When catering for events in your private rooms as well as at the location of your choice, we dedicate all our attention to you. Always with the demand for the highest quality, the best craftsmanship always served with a smile.

Kuffler Catering Frankfurt
Restaurant Opéra
Opernplatz 1• 60313 Frankfurt am Main
Fon +49.69. 588 0433 0
catering-frankfurt (at) kuffler [punkt] de


Kuffler Catering

Kuffler Catering Munich
Kuffler Catering Service GmbH & Co. KG
Otto-Perutz-Straße 16+18
81829 München
Fon +49.89. 360 392 819

Kuffler Catering Frankfurt
Restaurant Opéra
Opernplatz 1
60313 Frankfurt am Main
Fon +49.69. 588 0433 0



Kuffler Congress Catering im RMCC
Kuffler CC Gastro GmbH
Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 1
65189 Wiesbaden
Fon +49.611. 172 917 0