With over 40 restaurants in Germany (two-thirds of which are centrally managed) it is no surprise that the Kuffler Group continually ranks second in the annual industry rankings for 'Full Service Gastronomy'.
Roland Kuffler founded the group but stepped out of the limelight in 2016 leaving his two sons, Stephan and Sebastian Kuffler, at the helm of the Kuffler Group.

The brothers have been involved with the group for a long time. Stephan Kuffler completed formative Hotelier training with a subsequent internship in a tax consultancy as well as a short-degree at the Cornell University until he joined the family business in 1992 and became a Managing Director in 1999. His brother, Sebastian, who is 9 years his junior, completed a degree at the TU Weihenstephan, joined the family business in 2008 and has been a Managing Director since 2016.

KUFFLER - Seehaus im Englischen Garten


The beginning of Roland Kuffler's language degree at the University of Heidelberg also marked the beginning of the company. It didn't take long for him to realise that the town couldn't cater for the needs of the more party-minded international students. Him and some like-minded students clubbed together and opened a club. Sometime later he met Erich Kaub with whom he opened the legendary student bars, Tangente, Tangente Hour and the 'Kabarett Buegelbrett'. Courage and a small amount of luck helped the young entrepreneurs in bringing a student bar to every student city from Berlin to Vienna with considerable amounts of success.

At the end of the 70s Kaub and Kuffler had both started families in Munich and saw themselves as somewhat too old for the student bar scene therefore deciding to gravitate toward the culinary scene. Several smaller restaurants were taken over and the 80s saw the addition of the modern-Munich classics including the Haxnbauer, the Spatenhaus and the Seehaus to the portfolio as well as Kufflers Weinzelt on the Oktoberfest.

A few years later saw Dr. Erich Kaub and Roland Kuffler go their separate ways. A number of new partnerships ensued especially in Frankfurt (restaurants at the Frankfurt Airport as well as the Old Opera) and in Wiesbaden (Kurhaus-Gastronomie and the Schloss Johannisberg). The Mangostin in Munich is another joint-venture with Joseph Peter, with whom we still run the restaurant with.

At the beginning of 2002, one of the Kufflers' dreams was realized in the form of the Hotel München Palace. Repeated investment saw the 5-star boutique hotel turn into the prime example of a private, inner-city hotel.

The Kufflers latest venture is the catering at the RheinMain CongressCenter in Wiesbaden. Kuffler Congress Catering can cater for up to 12,000 people in the RMCC and bagutta, an Italian restaurant, delivers delicious, local, fresh produce to the table.

Hotel München Palace

The Kufflers have received a number of awards and recognitions for their restaurants.


Recognition in Bavaria's Best 50 presented by the Bavarian Minister for Economy for "exceptional gastronomy" and "impressive growth".

Gold Award in the Bavarian Cuisine Competition of the Bavarian Ministry for Agriculture for the 'Spatenhaus an der Oper'.

The 'Hamburger foodservice' Award for services to gastronomy for Roland Kuffler.

The Busche Verlag names Roland Kuffler as Gastronome of the Year.

Stephan Kuffler wins the Rolling Pin award for Caterer of the Year.
Catering Inside names the Kuffler Group as Caterer of the Year.


Our corporate social responsibility

The Kuffler Group support a number of charities and organisations through frequent projects (including brotzeit e.V., Horizont e.V, the Schoerghuber Foundation for Munich's Children and the Jim Button Foundation).

Stephan Kuffler is particularly involved with the Malteser Children's and Young Person's Hospices and is one of the three chair people of Munich Security Forum e.V.. The Kufflers support the Munich Tafel for smaller projects.

The Kuffler Group is also one of the benefactors for the Richard Strauss Festival.

Stephan Kuffler @ MKO Aids-Concert-2017 - foto credit Florian-Ganslmeier


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