With their over 40 restaurants in Germany – with about two thirds being run by the Kufflers themselves – Kuffler repeatedly ranks at position 2 of the so-called full-service restaurant catering business in the annual branch ranking published by the technical journal food service. This list is marked by a special type of entreprenneur, the so-called full-blood restaurant director, - who thanks to an idea, a concept, or simply by his good nose and clever business management has succeeded in building up an empire.

Roland Kuffler founded the group of companies of the same name, always supported by is wife Doris, is shining example for an entrepreneur. Gretel Weiß, publisher of food service and his long-year companion characterizes him as "practically-minded, curious, lovable, and patriarchal with an unbelievable instinct".

To date Roland Kuffler still has an enormous energy. Nevertheless, business management is a triumvirate: Both of his sons, Stephan and Sebastian Kuffler, have been involved in company management for many years and share the full responsibility with their father.

KUFFLER - Seehaus im Englischen Garten


Commencing language studies in Heidelberg was the kick-off for the start-up. Roland Kuffler soon became aware of the fact that the foreign students lacked a location for parties. He teamed up with fellow students and opened a club. A while later he got to know Erich Knaub and launched the legendary student bars Tangente, Tangente Jour and the cabaret Kabarettt Bügelbrett, followed by Café Journal. Without a great deal of fuss the two young entrepreneurs opened one tavern/eatery after the other between Berlin and Vienna, all located in classic university cities and were extremely successful.

At the end of the 70s Kaub + Kuffler, meanwhile surrounded by their own families and resident in Munich, decided that they were too old for student bars and focused on the restaurant and catering business. They took over several so-called Wurstkuchl restaurants and with Haxnbauer, Spatenhaus and Seehaus the first restaurants were incorporated into their portfolio in the 80s. Today, Kufflers are well known for these in Munich. Kufflers Weinzelt (Wine Tent) at the Munich Oktoberfest (Beer Festival) soon followed.

Dr. Erich Kaub and Roland Kuffler separated later on and new partnerships were established with Gerd Käfer, above all in Frankfurt and Wiesbaden, besides that with Joseph Peter in the Mangostin restaurant. Stephan Kuffler entered management in 1992 and his brother Sebastian has also been involved in company management for many years.

By purchasing the Hotel München Palace at the beginning of 2002 a dream came true for Roland Kuffler. In the years to follow he invested a great deal of money in transforming the private hotel into a really exquisite gem.

Hotel München Palace

Roland Kuffler has received a variety of tributes and awards for his personal engagement and for his restaurants.


Award „Bayerns Best 50" by the Bavarian Minister for Economic Affairs in acknowledgement of top entrepreneurial engagement and special growth.

Award in gold in the competition „Bayerische Küche" ("Bavarian Cuisine") of the Bavarian State Ministry for Agriculture for Spatenhaus an der Oper

Hamburg foodservice Prize as lifetime achievement award for Roland Kuffler

just to mention a few prizes and awards

Social engagement

Roland and Doris Kuffler support the associations brotzeit e.V. and Horizont e.V. as well as Schörghuber Stiftung für Münchner Kinder (foundation supporting Munich children in need).

The Kuffler Gruppe has been a registered member of the orchestra club for almost ten years now and is thus a sponsor of the Munich Chamber Orchestra.

Stephan Kuffler is an advisory board member of Malteser Kinder- und Jugendhospizdienst (child and youth hospice service) and one of the three chairmen of Münchner Sicherheitsforum e.V.

In smaller individual projects Kufflers support the Münchner Tafel (free food distribution programme) and Justin-Rockola-Soforthilfe (emergency relief).

Stephan Kuffler @ MKO Aids-Concert-2017 - foto credit Florian-Ganslmeier


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