Haxnbauer im Scholastikahaus

The epitome of a traditional inn and one of the first Kuffler houses in Munich. Roland Kuffler took over the Haxnbauer from Franz Bauer (hence the name, by the way) in 1980 and developed it from a pure Haxnbraterei into an old Munich pub. With original shellac stucco ceilings, with historic tiles and old wood furniture.


The lore of our knuckles have travelled the world and are simply a delight. First they rest for 24 hours in the secret Haxnbauer marinade, then they turn slowly over beechwood charcoal; crispy on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside.


Our favourite is joined by snacks, soups, classics like the Kuffler Wiener Schnitzel and Munich pastries. So you'll feel at home even if the pork knuckle doesn't tempt you at all. (But you have to at least give it a try!)


You are welcome to join us with your friends, family or local football club. A plate of fragrant knuckles are the perfect thing to celebrate with!

Inn - 160 Personen
Grill - 60 Personen
Cabinet - 90 Personen
Séparée - 12 Personen

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Haxnbauer im Scholastikahaus


Haxnbauer im Scholastikahaus
Sparkassenstraße 6
80331 München

Email haxnbauer@kuffler.de
Fon +49.89. 216 654 0
Fax +49.89. 228 301 5



Monday to Thursday
3 pm - 11 pm
Last order 9.30 pm

Friday to Sunday
12 am - 11 pm
Last order 9.30 pm


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