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Menu card of the week

Monday to Friday to 11.30 - 14.30 hrs
Daily Prepared while stocks last


Lugana DOC 2021, Cantina Bulgarini
0,2l - € 11,00
0,75l - € 39,00

Roasted duck breast
potato asparagus ragout, roasted mushrooms
€ 23,50

Bavarian plate of black pudding and liver wurst
boiled pork, sauerkraut, mashed potatoes
€ 22,50

Wednesday - Vegetarian
Tomato risotto with green asparagus
roasted mushrooms, basil pesto and parmesan cheese
€ 21,50

Osso Bucco with gremolata
green beans, mashed potatoes
€ 24,50

Pot au feu of fish
wild garlic bulgur, yellow bell pepper coulis, cherry tomatoes
€ 24,50


Spatenhaus bavarian Starters
bacon, smoked liver wurst, sausages, Obatzter, bavarian lard, radish, radishes, bread
€ 21,90

coloured tomato salad, parsley pesto, rocket salad
€ 19,50 
Small Portion € 15,50

Fillet of Herring "Hausfrauen Art"
apple, onions, cucumber, yoghurt and buttered potatoes
€ 21,00

Tatar of Beetroot
perl onions, sugar peas, horse radish cream
€ 18,50

Jelly of suckling pig
(traditional jellied dish with meat, egg and vegetable)
with seasonal salad, chive cream fraiche
€ 21,00
Small Portion € 17,20

Bavarian sausage salad
thinly sliced sausage, red onions, vinegar, gherkins and bread
€ 16,90
with cheese
€ 18,90

Spicy beef Tatar
chive cream fraiche, roasted bread 
€ 24,50 

Roastbeef in a crust of honey and mustard
sauce remoulade, roast potatoes
€ 24,00 
small portion € 21,00

Traditional bavarian camembert and cream cheese with red onions and organic bread
€ 16,50

Bavarian lard, Obatzter, Cream fraiche
€ 10,50


Spatenhaus Special Salad
with yoghourt dressing
€ 7,90

Seasonal salads
in Balsamicodressing with
roasted goat cheese € 19,00
roasted mushrooms with herb butter € 17,50
panfried Poulard breast, red wine sauce, mushrooms € 22,90


The Munich Soup
a choice of Pancake stripes, Leberknödel (Bavarian liver dumpling), Grießnockerl (Viennese semolina and egg dough)
€ 11,90

Alternatively one can combine this to make:
a taste of Bavaria and served in a beef Consomme
pancake and vegetables strips € 10,00
and Grießnockerl (Viennese semolina and egg dough) € 10,00
Leberknödel (Bavarian liver dumpling) € 10,00

Potato soup
with vegetables and bacon
€ 10,50

Vegan Cellery soup
with truffles cream
€ 10,50


Roasted Kitzbüheler Cheese sausages
fresh horse radish, potato salad
€ 20,00

8 pieces of grilled Munich Rostbratwürstel (pork chipolatas)
served on a bed of sauerkraut
€ 19,90

The Sausage Platter
Rostbratwürstel, Cheese sausages, franconian sausages, Sauerkraut, served with mashed potato 
€ 23,00 

Grilled Franconian sausages 
potato salad 
€ 18,00

Till 3:00 p.m.

Original Weißwurst (typical bavarian veal meat sausages)
piece € 3,90

Warm Leberkäs (Bavarian Meatloaf)
Portion 200g € 13,50
Portion 150g € 12,00

Pan fried Leberkäs (Bavarian Meatloaf)
topped with a fried egg and served with potato salad
€ 17,50

Side dishes

Bread € 2,20
Fresh brez'n Piece € 2,70


Cheese spaetzles
crispy onions, small salad
€ 20,90

Creamed mushrooms
served with 2 bread dumplings, topped with fresh herbs
€ 20,90

Gröstl of mixed roasted dumplings
Egg and mixed salad
€ 18,00

Veganes Beluga lentils curry
coconut milk, carrotts, sweet potatoes
leaf spinach and basmati rice
€ 23,50


Grilled Salmon fillet
with buttered potatoes, vegetables and sauce Bearnaise
€ 29,50

Poached Catfish
Mustard sauce, vegetables, parsley potatoes
€ 29,50

Panfried fillet of plaice
Potato cucumber salad, sauce Remoulade
€ 29,50

Spatenhaus Classics

1/2 bavarian duck
with braised red cabbage, potato dumplings, duck jus
€ 35,00

Crispy roasted pork
braised apple red cabbage, potato dumplings
€ 22,50

2 Veal Meatballs
with potato-cucumber-salad and gravy
€ 19,50
with cognac-peppercorn-sauce and mashed potatoes
€ 21,90

Prime Boiled beef
Root vegetables, Apple horse radish sauce, roast potatoes
€ 32,50

1/2 Roasted crisp knuckle of pork Haxnbauer Style
we marinate by hand and let it rest for 2 days
potato dumpling, cabbage salad with cumin and bacon
€ 26,00

A Taste of Bavaria
Crispy duck, knuckle of pork
grilled sausages, braised apple red cabbage and gravy, sauerkraut, potato and bread dumplings
per person € 39,50

braised beef marinated in vinegar, raisins, braised apple red cabbage and mixed dumplings
€ 26,50

Creamy roast of veal in sherry sauce
roasted mushrooms, creamy cucumber salad, spaetzles
€ 29,00

Stuffed breast of veal
with fine bread and vegetables, potato cucumber salad
€ 26,00

Crispy Suckling Pig
braised red cabbage and assorted dumplings
€ 30,50

Goulash of Tegyu beef
carrots, sour cream and brezn dumplings
€ 32,00

Grill and pan

Grilled calves liver
Apple, cripsy onions, mashed potatoes
€ 31,50

Original Kuffler Wiener Schnitzel
Breaded veal escalope with roast potatoes, lambs lettuce salad
€ 34,00

Roast beef
with onions, roast potatoes, melted onions, cucumber salad
€ 38,00

Chopped fillet of beef
Pepper cream sauce, Spaetzles
€ 34,50

Medaillons of lamb
grilled vegetables, rosemary potatoes
€ 37,00

Fillet steak of beef
Sauce Bearnaise, grilled vegetables, rosemary potatoes
€ 49,00


Different cheese
fig mustard, salted butter, bread
€ 19,00


Homemade "Kaiserschmarr'n"
with apple puree or plums compott
€ 12,90

Crème Bavaroise traditionally made in the Spatenhaus patisserie
served with raspberry coulis
€ 13,00

Lukewarm rhubarb crumble
with vanilla cream and salted caramel ice cream
€ 13,50

Homemade apple stroudel
BARTU vanilla ice cream
€ 14,00

Gelato 'Bartu'

Cream Ice Cream

Milk Ice cream
Sour cream
Caramel au beurre sale
Blueberry Cheesecake
Mascarpone Fig


price per scoop € 3,60

If you happen to have any questions regarding allergens in our food and drink.
please do not hesitate to ask one of our staff.

Due to our supplier's production process we (the Spatenhaus) are not able to wholeheartedly assure you that some products may not contain traces (less than 2.0 %) of allergens.

Prices are declared in Euro and include tax and service charge.

Menu first floor


The French Classic
6 Gillardeau Oysters served with lemon and chesterbread
€ 37,00

Bavarian starters
Radish, radishes, chive buttered bread, obatzter, bavarian lard, bacon
€ 21,90

Beef Tartare
Green peas-mince-mayo, crostini
€ 24,50

Smoked graved salmon
Cucumbers charlotte, potato hush browns, mustard-fennel honey chutney
€ 28,50

Potato strudel
Beet, black salsify cream, Winter leaf salad
€ 20,50 

Kuffler Superfood Salad
Packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants
Handpicked salad leaves from the renowned Munich Gardener Böck.
Served with avocado, pomegranate, blueberries, walnut crunch and kale chips
€ 19,00
with Gratinated Goat Cheese
plus € 9,50
with red king prawns and sturgeon
plus € 29,50


Clear essence
Dumplings of deer, root vegetables
€ 10,50

Truffledd black salsify – coconut soup
Sauteed scallops
€ 11,50

Zucchini cream soup
Herbs curd
€ 10,50

Beef Consommé
Sliced pancake € 10,00
Cheese-rosemary biscuits € 10,00

Vegan & vegetarian

Pasta with lime-cheese cream
Belper cheese, walnuts and shiso
Normal Portion € 23,00
Small Portion € 18,00

Vegan lentils curry
Coconut milk, sweet potatoes, Kale, Basmati Rice
€ 23,50

Pearl barley risotto
Grilled fennel, saffron and orange pesto
€ 23,00


Grilled fillet of char fish
Pearl barley risotto, saffron, fried fennel
€ 33,50

Skrei – Grilled fillet of winter cod
Kale, hush browns, stalkmus, red ginger sauce
€ 36,00

Red king prawns and scallops
Sepia potato gnocchi, wild herbs, bisque
€ 38,00

Spatenhaus Classic

Half Bavarian Duck
With braised red cabbage, potato dumpling and jus
€ 35,00

Crispy Bavarian Suckling Pig
Braised red cabbage and assorted dumplings
€ 30,50

Duet of Bavarian 1/4 duck and crispy suckling pig
Coleslaw and assorted dumplings
€ 33,00

Original Kuffler Wiener Schnitzel
Pan-fried potatoes, cranberry sauce and cucumber salad
€ 34,00

Tafelspitz (traditional sliced beef in consommé)
Classic with savoy, apple horseradish sauce, fresh horseradish, roasted potatoes
€ 32,50

Grilled calfs liver
Mashed potatoes, roasted apples, red wine sauce
€ 31,50

Sirloin steak of beef
Melted and crispy onions, roasted potatoes, winter leaf salad
€ 38,00

Grilled classics

Grilled carree of lamb with herb crust
Ratatouille, mashed olives and rosemary sauce
€ 47,00

Grilled fillet of beef "Tuber Brumale"
Truffle, tomato bisquit, black radish, pear
€ 49,00

Dry Aged beef steak USA
Smoked tomato-cucumber-onion relish, beet, kale, grenaille potatoes
€ 52,00

Duck breast
Black salsify, turnip, curd and berries sauce
€ 38,00


Duo of chocolate
Crispy chocolate mousse and passion fruit sorbet
€ 14,00

Warm apple strudel
With vanilla sauce or BARTU vanilla ice cream
€ 14,00

Bavarian cream
Raspberry sauce
€ 13,00

Goat cheese baked in strudel
Pear, honey and basil sorbet
€ 13,00

Variation of Bavarian cheese
Fig mustard, bread selection and salted butter
€ 19,00

Gelato 'Bartu'

Ice Cream
Salted Caramel


price per scoop € 3,60

From 5:00 p.m. we take a set charge of € 3,20 p.P. for bread and butter.

The prices are included by law applicable sales tax.

For questions about allergens and food ingredients please contact our service staff.

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