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Buffalo Mozzarella, Tomato, Basil
Mousse of buffalo mozzarella with triple of tomato, basil pesto and panco crunch
€ 16,00

Cous Cous, Navette, Cauliflower - VEGAN
Cous Cous Taboulé with cucumber, tomato and mint, roasted cauliflower and navette cream
€ 16,00

Salmon, Lime, Sour cream
Tartar of smoked salmon and avocado, with lime sour cream, dried tomatoes, Kalamata olives, frisee salad, cress
€ 18,00

Veal, Tuna, Capers
Slices of pink roasted veal tip and teriyaki of tuna with tuna cream, baked capers, anchovies, shallot caviar and shiso cress
€ 20,00


Prime Boiled Beef, Semolina Dumplings
Prime boiled beef essence with small semolina dumplings and pancake stripes
€ 12,00

Cauliflower, Port Wine
Creamy soup of Cauliflower and Port wine with roasted cauliflower
€ 10,00


Vitamin Bomb
Mixed salad leaves with homemade dressing, chive sour cream and garlic croutons
€ 12,00
optionally with
fried mushrooms
€ 18,00
sirloin tips
€ 26,50
gambas (3 pieces)
€ 26,50

Beef Carpaccio
Fine slices of Fassona Piemontese beef with parmesan, rocket and pickled capers
€ 22,50

Beefsteak-Tatar (raw)
"do it yourself" optionally served with French fries or toast
€ 22,50
As main course
€ 31,00

Vienna Escalope
with cranberry sauce and side salad optionally served with fried potatoes or potato salad
€ 32,50


Schlutzkrapfen, Pickled cabbage, Fried Onion
Curd cheese and spinach Schlutzkrapfen with chive butter creamy pickled cabagge and fried onions
Intermediate Course € 16,00
Main Course € 24,00

Cannelloni, Peppers, Pesto
Cannelloni with ricotta-radicchio filling served with bell pepper and pesto
Intermediate Course € 16,00
Main Course € 24,00


Lentils, Cauliflower, Pappadam
Lentil cauliflower curry with coconut milk, sweet potatoes and pappadam
€ 22,00

Miso Nasu
Eggplant caramelized with miso on sushi rice, with tofu, edamame, shimeji mushrooms and soya caviar
 € 26,00


Salmon, Shrimp, Pea
Fish patties of Salmon and shrimp with pea cream and port wine shallots
€ 29,00

Char, Venere Rice, King Trumpet Mushrooms
Roasted fillet of Arctic char with Venere rice, confit king trumpet mushrooms and wild broccoli
€ 34,00

Pike Perch, Paprika Cabbage, Spinach Ravioli
Pike perch fillet fried on the skin with spinach ravioli and paprika cabbage
€ 34,00

Sour Roast, Savoy Cabbage, Grapes
Sour roast of Angus pasture-raised shovel piece with creamed savoy cabbage, glazed grapes and roasted pretzel dumplings
€ 32,00

Saddle of Lamb, Peppers, Polenta
Roasted rack of lamb with olive crust, paprika vegetables and polenta
€ 36,00 

Black Angus Beef
200g Beef Filet with Café de Paris butter, pepper sauce, mixed vegetables and French fries
€ 49,00


Opera Slice
with walnut cream and ice cream
€ 13,00

Crème Brûlée
Crème Brûlée with plum ragout and peanut caramel ice cream
€ 13,00

Tartlet of dark chocolate coating
with mango and passion fruit in sponge fingers
€ 14,00

Assortment of Sorbet from Fontanella’s manufactory
Orange-Bergamot / Raspberry-Hibiscus / Lemon / Mango
per scoop € 2,80

A scoop of vanilla ice cream with espresso
€ 6,00


Cheese selection from Maitre Affineur Waltmann served with grapes, celery, walnuts grissini und fig-mustard
small portion € 10,00
large portion € 15,00


Weingut Oliver Zeter
Pfalz, Germany
0,05l € 9,00

Intense notes of gooseberries, peach, mirabelle, apricots. Coupled
with hints of vanilla, nougat and chocolate.

Floralis Moscatel Oro
DOP, sweet
Weingut Miguel Torres
Penedès, Spain
0,05l € 6,00

An enticing bouquet of roses and geranium, with fruity aromas of
lemon and orange, and a hint of grapefruit.

Cover price per person € 2,90 - will be served without order.

Please inform us about allergies and incompatibilities – we will hand out a menu with marking up of allergens and additives.

Our prices include VAT and service.

Any given gratuities will be shared by all service and kitchen staff.

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