Bar Food

Oysters with shallot vinaigrette
€ 6.5

Croque Monsieur
Gratinated ham and cheese toast with small salad
€ 15.50

Vineyard snails in herb butter
€ 14

Sardines Millésimées 2019
with shallot vinaigrette
€ 15.50
Vietnamese Spring Rolls
On crisp romaine lettuce with coriander and mint, with Sweet Asia Dip 
€ 18

Beef Tatar
classically dressed
€ 26

Les Classiques de l'Hôtel

Beef Broth
With semolina dumplings or liver dumplings & fresh chives
€ 11

Caesar Salad
Crisp romaine lettuce with shaved parmesan, bacon crumb, anchovies and crôutons
€ 20

Munich Meatballs
According to original Kuffler recipe, served with potato and cucumber salad and veal jus
€ 22

Chicken breast, Gouda, bacon, egg and French fries
€ 27.50

Bacon Cheese Burger
Juicy beef with cheese, bacon, burger sauce, French fries and slaw
€ 29.50

Tagliatelle aux crevettes
Tagliatelle in white wine sauce with grilled prawns
€ 35

Kuffler Wiener Schnitzel
The classic veal escalope served with potato and cucumber salad and cranberries
€ 36

Les Entrées

Green Salad au Vinaigrette
Leafy salads from the famous Böck garden
€ 11.50

Salade Niçoise
Leafy salads with tuna, potato concassee, green beans, Egg and olives
€ 18

Baked cauliflower with chili mayo
€ 14

Quiche Lorraine / Quiche Maison
Classic with bacon or goat cheese
€ 16

Cuisses de grenouilles
Frog legs with fresh parsley, lemon and garlic
€ 16

Soupe à l´oignon gratinée
Traditional french onion soup with toasted baguette and gruyere cheese
€ 15.50

Soupe de Poisson
fish soup-with toasted baguette, Gruyère and sauce rouille
€ 21.50

Crevettes à la provençale
Black Tiger prawns grilled in butter with garlic, tomato coulis and cherry tomatoes
€ 23.50

Les Plats

Langue de veau
Baked veal tongue with potato- cucumber salad and remoulade sauce
€ 21

Cold cut with fried potatoes, remoulade sauce and salad bouquet
€ 25.50

Moules frites
Mussels in a white wine broth, served with French fries
€ 26

Filet de daurade
Grilled sea bream fillets with potato-lime puree, braised paprika and courgettes
€ 35

Saumon grillée au ras el hanout
Grilled salmon with ras el hanout, couscous and vegetables
€ 35

Steak au poivre
Beef fillet with peppercorn sauce and French fries
€ 42

Les Desserts

A scoop of vanilla ice cream topped with espresso
€ 7.5

Crepes Suzett
Thin crepes with Bartu vanilla ice cream and orange fillets
€ 16

Babà au Rhum
with chocolate sauce
€ 15

Créme Brûlée
€ 13

Chocolate Mousse
€ 13

Scoop Bartu Organic Ice Cream
Vanilla | Salted Caramel | Pistachio
€ 3.9

Scoop Bartu Organic Sorbet
Raspberry | Lemon | Chocolate
€ 3.9

Colonel + Vodka
€ 9.5
Admiral + Champagner
€ 11.5

Assortiment de fromages
Cheese selection with fig mustard and salted butter
€ 21

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