Catering Kurhaus Wiesbaden

Our Kurhaus Gastronomy crew take care of your culinary wishes at all your events in the magnificent rooms of the Kurhaus. And we accompany you to the location of your choice: from the family celebration in your private garden to the catering for your company conference, our catering team is your reliable partner.

Thanks to our excellent network that spans the entire Rhine-Main area and a second location in Munich, we are able to fulfil all of your wishes with our team of gastronomy and service professionals. From a Bavarian morning get-together through a flying buffet with international canapés, from a Thai soup bar to a served five course menu – we will take care of you with food and drink to suit the occasion.

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Kurhaus Gastronomie

Kurhaus Gastronomie
Gerd Käfer & Roland Kuffler GmbH & Co
Kurhausplatz 1
65189 Wiesbaden

Fon +49.611. 53 62 00
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